Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfer's Association

Meeting Minutes


Committee Meeting November 2015

President’s Report

Your committee met recently and discussed numerous items, finances, 2016/17 roster, membership, prize allocation amongst the usual things necessary to make your association work. All in all I can report that the association is in good shape.

It should be noted that some of our longer termed committee members are considering standing down at the next AGM in February 2016. So I would urge any member who considers they have something to offer and would like to become involved in keeping the association moving forward, to have a chat to any current committee member or duty officer.

“Many hands make light work”


Members are reminded that they should not book at two courses and then decide on which course to play at on the day.

It has also noted that individuals are booking more than one group of players. Please do not book multiple groups. Duty Officers are unconcerned by an individual booking one group. ”The one they play in.” But will not allow multiple bookings on behalf of others.“RESPECT”


It is a fact all of us at some time, have had to cancel our game for some reason or another.

It would be appreciated if members cancelled as soon as they are aware they cannot play. Accepted that that is not always possible, but that should be the exception not the norm.

Cancelling by a fellow player on the day to the duty officer causes a disruption to the smooth running of the day and also causes problems for the various club caterers who are given a specific number on Fridays, to enable them to purchase provisions. “RESPECT”

Good News

Now I have reminded everyone about the must do’s! I would like to report that our country clubs are really supporting our association.

Twice recently I have attended Tasman and the hospitality, friendship and camaraderie has been superb. The same goes for Bagdad what an enjoyable day on a short course and then treated like kings.

Ouse this week looks like delivering the same. Overall we should note that all the country venues we attend treat us wonderfully.

I urge all vet’s to attend these out of town clubs and give them the support that they certainly give us.


As we roll towards the Christmas break on behalf of your committee I take the opportunity to wish you and yours all the best for the festive season.

The break also gives us a chance to reflect on what a great time we have had during the year. Vet’s playing, joking, stirring, embracing new members, and enjoying the company of friends. All in a fun environment created by all of us STVGA members. “Rockon”

Mike Jury