Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfer's Association

This week in vets… Monday 18th October

WE’RE IN LOCK-DOWN TEAM – NO GOLF THIS WEEK.  We’ll all have opinions, but earlier means shorter.


Christmas Games December 13:  It is a good way to end our year and is a really important tool to get early payment of annual subs.  We will play 4 courses – Llanherne, Pittwater, Kingston and New Town Bay.

FEES FOR CHRISTMAS GAMES – Your costs for the day will includes green fees, annual subscription of $10 and lunch costs.  The STVGA will provide a $10 lunch subsidy and not charge a comp fee.  We will let you know the actual dollar figure when Christmas lunch costs have been agreed.



Join 1st January to 30th September– Joining fee of $10 (payable with application or at first game) plus Annual subscription rate (currently $10)

Join 1st October to 2nd last game of year – pay joining fee only ($10)

Join Last game of year – pay joining fee plus annual subscription rate.


UN-FINANCIAL MEMBERS:  Given our membership numbers being close to maximum it has been decided to make any un-financial member inactive at the end of March.  This will not allow them to enter any competition with veterans until annual fee has been paid.


ACCURACY OF CONTACT INFORMATION – we rely on your details being accurate and up to date.  Let us know if your email address, phone number or home club changes as soon as practical.



The Country Cup is held over 3 games held at a different course each week.

1st week: Elderslie on 1 November 21  (No lunch provided – pack your own team)

2nd week: Colebrook on 8th November 21

3rd week: Richmond on 15th November 21.

If players have entered the Country Cup for week one you’re booking will be carried through for the next two rounds automatically. If you cannot play a round just delete yourself from the list (Slice) for that day as you would normally. This will allow others to grab a spot and at least play for the daily prizes.

Remember that The Country Cup is an aggregate competition with the winner having the best 3 rounds, point’s total.

Over the three games normal weekly prizes continue as usual. The Country Cup has a separate prize.

Any Country Cup queries to Mike Jury, Randall Corney or Graham Kraus please.


MARKING OF CARDS – Could players please circle their scores in large print at the top right hand of the scorecard.  We have noticed in some cases; the player’s name has not been written on the card.  The totals of each 9 have not been added together and the final score not recorded in a circle on the top right corner of the card. Makes it easier to see when duty officers are inputting to Golflink.






4 Ball Best Ball

There has been some confusion among some members, evidenced by the way some score cards have been filled in.  In part this has been caused by the card formats different clubs have.

Basically, if Steve and John are playing together and they play the first hole with Steve scoring 4 for 3 points and John had 5 for 2 points, Steve’s score would be recorded on the card and needs to be identified.  The easiest way to do this is to put an “S” beside the score.

If they record the same score on the hole, the player that holed out first is the score recorded.  This in effect speeds the game up because the second player can just pick up and move on to the next hole.

Stopping for lunch or playing straight through

Common sense must prevail here.  If your group has lunched and are not all present at the 10th tee bed before those playing straight through are there you give way. Simple.



This year the nationals are in Yarrawonga on the border of NSW and Victoria. The dates are from 29th November 2021 to 3rd December 2021 and we encourage you to book via their website   It should be a great event and an excellent chance to get away for a week of fun golf and friendship.


The following year the AVGU National Championships will be held just south of Perth in Western Australia. Whilst you can’t book right now we would love you to plan to come to Perth in November 2022 and make a note in your diary now.

Our website won’t be open for registrations for a couple of months yet, but we wanted you to know a few things about the event as we feel sure you will not want to miss being part of this enjoyable event with fellow Vet golfers.

  • The date of the event is from Sunday the 6th November to Friday 11th November 2022.
  • And here’s the big thing. The cost will be just $330 (provided you register before 31/1/22) which includes 4 rounds of golf WITH A CART and the welcome function. The closing dinner is optional and the price will be known shortly.
  • We are using three magnificent golf courses in and around Mandurah which is an exciting tourist area and just 70 kms south of Perth – freeway all the way. (See attached photo)
  • Have a look at the courses we have selected.
  1. Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club  Meadow Springs Golf and Country Club
  2. Secret Harbour Golf Club  Secret Harbour Golf Club
  3. The wooded Mandurah Country Club. Mandurah Country Club
  • Golf events will be for Men and Women and options will be available for non-golfer partners.
  • We have negotiated excellent rates for accommodation and for transport to and from the Perth Airport to Mandurah with a low cost option for a rental car for your use. This will allow you to enjoy a visit to the Margaret River wine region and many more wonderful attractions in the South West of W.A. So why not make it a real holiday.

So to sum up, in November 2022 there awaits you a fun week of golf at excellent courses at prices that will appeal to you – to say nothing about the excellent camaraderie that Veteran Golfers are renown for.

Why not plan right now to be part of this fabulous Championship. If you would like to be sent an email advising when the registration website is open please send your details to and we will be in touch.

November 2022 – the place to be is Mandurah in Western Australia.



REMINDER – LOW HANDICAP IN EACH GROUP IS GROUP CAPTAIN and assumes the responsibility for Pace of Play and not hitting up on group in front.

Pace of Play

The STVGA has adopted the “ready golf philosophy”. Players are encouraged to comply with the following guidelines,

  • If you are ready to play a shot and it is safe to do so, then play.
  • Shorter hitters playing first from the tee or fairway if longer hitters would endanger the group in front.
  • Hitting a shot before helping someone to look for a lost ball.
  • Marking scores upon immediate arrival at the next tee, except that the first player to tee off marks their card immediately after teeing off
  • player has the option to drop the ball in the vicinity of where the ball is lost or out of bounds (including the nearest fairway area), under a two-stroke penalty
  • If a group fails to keep pace on the course and loses one, clear fairway it should signal the group following to pass.

Hitting up on preceding group

  • Endangering fellow golfers by hitting up on them is unacceptable – don’t do it.
  • Playing ready golf decreases the likelihood of this occurring. However, we are all responsible for erring on the side of caution when hitting any shot towards the preceding group.
  • Any errant shot that has the potential to hit a fellow player must be called, “FORE” at the earliest opportunity.