Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfer's Association



Fairway Fellowship

A History of Veteran’s Golf in Tasmania

Written by Don Considine for the Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union

Updated by Allan Jones





I undertook the task of writing this booklet in the full knowledge that it would take a considerable amount of research and a dependency on the goodwill and memory of others involved in the formation and development of Veterans’ Golf in Tasmania.

The research exercise was frustrating in the extreme; as early records were very meagre, or non‑existent, many of the pioneers were deceased and the time frame exceeded a quarter of a century.

On the other hand, co‑operation from the people who administer the various levels of Veterans’ Golf in Tasmania, has, in all cases, been wholeheartedly helpful.

Consequently, I extend my grateful thanks to the Secretary and President of the groups affiliated to the Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association for their input and also, thanks to the Secretary of the Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association, Les Wallace, for his help.

In particular, I give sincere thanks to the Secretary of the Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association, Peter Read, for his considerable help in providing much of the history of his Association and a lot of the information on the development of the Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union.

 Finally, I am deeply indebted to Monty McDonald for the many hours he has spent researching the early history of Veterans’ Golf in Tasmania; both from early records and from interviews conducted with now deceased pioneers of our organisations.

As mentioned above, early records are so sparse as to prevent me guaranteeing, one hundred percent, and the accuracy of all the details which follow.

 However, I consider the details that are recorded to be a factual account of the formation and development of Veterans’ Golf in Tasmania.

 I hope you find it as interesting and as useful as I have.

Don Considine   

Immediate Past Secretary Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union,

Burnie, Tasmania

30th June, 1995



I found it so interesting I felt it necessary to continue the history for another 10 years 

Allan Jones


Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union

Seabrook – Wynyard, Tasmania

31 October, 2006


SECTION 1: The Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union

N.B. The following abbreviations are used throughout this Booklet:

(i)    T.V.G.A.      ‑  Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association

(ii)   A.V.G.A.     ‑   Australian Veteran Golfers Association

(iii)  T.V.G.U.    ‑    Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union

(v)   A.V.G.U.     ‑   Australian Veteran Golfers Union Incorporated

(v)   S.T.V.G.A.  ‑   Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association Incorporated

(vi)  N.T.V.G.A. ‑     Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association

(vii) A.G.M.      ‑      Annual General Meeting


The Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union came into being at a meeting held at the Riverside Golf Club on 25th August, 1983.

By agreement, the administration alternates each two years between the Southern and Northern Associations.

 That is, the President and Secretary /Treasurer are elected from nominations received from the Association due to take office.

Although this is not a constitutional requirement, it has proved to be very satisfactory arrangement and has eliminated any intrastate parochialism that may have existed in the early days. In fact, the rapport that exists between the two affiliated Associations is excellent.

The Tasmanian Veterans Golfers Union is responsible for the overall administration of Veterans’ Golf in Tasmania.

It has two affiliated bodies:

(a)The Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association Inc. (S.T.V.G.A.) and

(b)The Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association. (N.T.V.G.A.)

In addition, the T.V.G.U.

     (A)     Is represented on the Board of the Australian Veteran Golfers Union Inc. by an elected delegate;

     (B)     Had a membership of 1629 as at 31st December, 1994; 1635 as at 31st December, 2005;

     (C)     Conducts the A.V.G.U. National Championships at eight yearly intervals;

     (D)     Conducts an annual T.V.G.U. Championship for the Joe French Cup and Shield at various venues, on a rotation basis;

     (E)     Co-Sponsors two annual “goodwill” tournaments, when Veteran Golfers from the Southern, Northern and  North Western areas of the State join together in a day of fellowship; the events are conducted by the S.T.V.G.A. & N.T.V.G.A

     Year               President                                                                 Secretary/Treasurer


     1983/8           J.lan Murtagh              (S.T.V.G.A.)                            Kerry R. Nichols               (S.T.V.G.A)

     1985/84          lan Ewing                    (N.T.V.G.A.)                           Eddie R. Mitchell               (N.T.V.G.A)

     1987/88          J. Ian Murtagh             (S.T.V.G.A.)                           C. W. (Bill) McPherson       (S.T.V.G.A)

     1989/90          L. (Mick) Halley           (N.T.V.G.A.)                            Don Considine                  (N.T.V.G.A)

     1991/92          C. W. McPherson         (S.T.V.G.A.)                            Peter Read                      (S.T.G.V.A)

     1993/94          Monty McDonald          (N.T.V.G.A.)                           Don Considine                  (N.T.V.G.A)

     1995/96          Max Chivers                (S.T.V.G.A.)                           Peter Read                      (S.T.V.G.A)

     1997/98          David Armitage           (N.T.V.G.A.)                            Les Wallace                     (N.T.V.G.A.)

     1999/00          Graeme Von Bibra       (S.T.V.G.A.)                            Peter Reid                       (S.T.V.G.A.)

     2001/02          Norm Green                (N.T.V.G.A)                            Bruce Hallam                   (N.T.V.G.A)

     2003/04          Graeme Manning         (S.T.V.G.A)                             Allan Furmage                 (S.T.V.G.A)

     2005/06          Allan Jones                 (N.T.V.G.A)                             Bruce Hallam                   (N.T.V.G.A)

     2006/07          Jeff Brown                   (S.T.V.G.A)                           Allan Furmage                  (S.T.V.G.A)


(G) Honours the following T.V.G.U. members who have been A.V.G.U. Office Bearers:

Year                                Office Bearer

1984                               President                         lan Murtagh

1994/5                            Vice President                  Monty McDonald

(H) Honours the following Life Members:

1992 Jack Deeth (Riverside Group) presented with award at Launceston Golf Club

30th March1992. Jack set up the meeting to form the N.T.G.V.A. IN 1983. He served as President of the N.T.G.V.A. for 3 years and

vigorously promoted the development of Veteran Golf in Tasmania. Jack passed away in 1998.

1995 Don Considine (Seabrook/Wynyard Group) presented with award at Riverside Golf Club 8th March 95.  Don served 4 years as

the Secretary/Treasurer of the T.V.G.U. and four years as Secretary/Treasurer of the N.T.V.G.A. He upgraded the quality of

information recorded in official records, minutes etc. and is regarded as a competent administrator. He is also a Life Member

of the N.T.V.G.A. and author of Fairway Fellowship.

2007 Bruce Hallam (Riverside Group) presented with the award at Riverside Golf Club 7th March ,2008

He is also a Life Member of the NTVGA.

1989 It should be noted that, in this year, lan Ewing was presented with an award at the Devonport Golf Club in February 1989.

 As there was no provision for Life Membership in the T.V.G.U.  Constitution, at that time, it was not a Life Membership but would be recognised as an equivalent, Ian served 2 terms as T.V.G.U. President and was a T.V.G.U. delegate to the A.G.V.U. and a long term office bearer of the Devonport Group. Ian passed away in 1992.

 (I) In addition to the above Life Members we recognise the contribution made by the following members who volunteered their services to establish Veterans golf in Tasmania.- 

   (i) Harry Newland:

   Harry was an S.T.V.G.A. Delegate to the T.V.G.U. for twelve consecutive years. He is a Life Member of the S.T.V.G.A. and was the S.T.V.G.A. Captain for 17 years.

    (ii) lan Murtagh 🙁 Deceased)

   lan was the foundation President of the T.V.G.U. and served in that position for four terms. He served as A.V.G.U. President and was a Life Member of the S.T.V.G.A.

  (iii) Bill McPherson 🙁 Deceased)

  Bill served for two terms as the T.V.G.U. Secretary/Treasurer; two years as T.V.G.U. President; two years as S.T.V.G.A. President; was a T.V.G.U. delegate to A.V.G.U. meetings and an S.T.V.G.A. Delegate to the T.V.G.U. A Life Member of the S.T.V.G.A.

  (iv) Peter Read:(Deceased)

  Peter served for six years as the T.V.G.U. Secretary/Treasurer; he was the S.T.V.G.A. Secretary for the twelve years and was S.T.V.G.A. Auditor for one term. A  Life Member of the S.T.V.G.A

  (v) L. (Mick) Halley: Mick served as T.V.G.U. President for two terms and for two terms as N.T.V.G.A. President. A Life Member of the Port Sorell Group.

  (vi) Jim McKay:

  Jim has served as N.T.V.G.A. President for four terms and has been an N.T.V.G.A. Delegate to the T.V.G.U. for twelve years. A Life Member of the Greens Beach Group.

  (vii) David Armitage:

  David has served for two terms as Secretary/Treasurer of the N.T.V.G.A.; two terms as President ofthe N.T.V.G.A.; is an N.T.V.G.A. Delegate to the T.V.G.U.and is the Secretary of the special T.V.G.U. Committee set up to run the 1995 A.V.G.U. Championship. 

  (viii) Monty McDonald:

  Monty has served as President of the T.V.G.U. for two terms; President of the N.T.V.G.A. for two terms; two terms as Vice President of the A.V.G.U. and was Director and Chairman of the special T.V.G.U. Committee set up to run the 1995 A.V.G.U. Championship.

  A Life Member of Seabrook – Wynyard.


 SECTION 2: A Chronological History of Veterans Golf in Tasmania 



 A small number of Royal Hobart retirees commence unofficial competitions at Royal Hobart course.



14th April

A meeting convened at the Royal Hobart Golf Club to form the Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association.

The meeting agreed to accept the articles of the Australian Veteran Golfers Association and to apply for affiliation to that Sydney based organisation.

 The foundation President was L. (Ned) Bowditch and the foundation Secretary was Jack Munday.

Competitions were held regularly on the Royal Hobart, Claremont and Tasmanian Courses.



20th March

The first formal tournament was held at Royal Hobart with 60 in the field.

  1. Bowditch remained as President.



20th February

Handwritten records show this date as the first formally recorded minutes of an Annual General Meeting of the T.V.G.A.

(Previous minutes were handwritten in a school exercise book).

  1. Bowditch (President) and Jack Munday (Secretary) were re‑elected. 16th October
  2. Howell replaced L. Bowditch as T.V.G.A. President as Mr. Bowditch was moving interstate.

Len Murphy replaced Jack Munday as T.V.G.A. Secretary. Records are not clear if this coincided with Mr. Bowditch’s departure.

Informal Veteran Competitions held at Riverside.



25th March

First typed records of the T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting. H. Howell re-­elected President and L. Murphy as Secretary.

A vote of appreciation was given to L. Bowditch for his work as foundation President of the T.V.G.A.

The T.V.G.A. agreed to send a copy of their Constitution to Golf Clubs in the North and North‑West of the State, with a suggestion that they form Veteran Golfers Groups and affiliate with the T.V.G.A.



A team of A.V.G.A. Golfers (Sydney) visit Hobart to compete against T.V.G.A. members.

As nothing further had been heard regarding T.V.G.A. affiliation with the A.V.G.A., visiting A.V.G.A.

President, John Hart, suggests the T.V.G.A. re­apply and he would follow it up.        



24th March

At the T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting, L. Bowditch was awarded Life Membership. He thus  became the first Life Member of any

Veteran Golfers organisation in Tasmania.

  1. Barwood was elected T.V.G.A. President.
  2. White was elected T.V.G.A. Secretary.

A group of 15 retired Golfers, members of Launceston Golf Club, commence playing informal competitions.



4th October

A T.V.G.A. Committee Meeting amends its Constitution.

  1. Barwood continues as T.V.G.A. President.
  2. J. B. Morris (elected T.V.G.A. Secretary at 1976 A.G.M.) has three month leave of absence. He was replaced by J. White.


5th October

Devonport forms a Veteran Golfers Group called ”The Woodrising Retired Members and Veterans Association” Don Bramich is

elected President and Ian Ewing is elected Secretary. Thirty members were enrolled with a minimum age of sixty.



22nd February

T.V.G.A. Constitution amended again at Committee Meeting.



The T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting adopts the amended T.V.G.A. Constitution.

It was also reported at this Annual General Meeting, that the letter to the A.V.G.A. dated 14th April, 1971,seeking affiliation  to the

A.V.G.A. had not been answered  (There is no indication in the minutes why this had not been followed up earlier).  

Mention was also made of the formation of the Devonport Group and an invitation was extended to them to compete in the T.V.G.A.

competitions in Hobart.

The Launceston Group is recognised by the Board of the Launceston Golf Club and commences playing formal Veterans Golfers

Competitions. However, they were chastised by the Board for inviting Longford and Campbell Town retirees to join them.

 Many Longford and Campbell Town retirees join the Launceston Golf Club, to be eligible to play golf with the Launceston Veteran Group. It seems likely that the Launceston Group affiliated with the A.V.G.A. in this year.


21st November

The A.V.G.A. advises the T.V.G.A. that their application for affiliation had not been processed because no affiliation fees had been received with that original application. A motion was passed to re‑apply to the A.V.G.A. for affiliation accompanied by the necessary fees.



14th September

At a T.V.G.A. Committee meeting, a letter was tabled from the Launceston Retirees Association. (Unfortunately, the records do not reveal the contents of the letter).



12th March

The T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting appoints S. Medlycott as its first Captain.


29th May

The A.V.G.A. advises the T.V.G.A. that their application for affiliation is accepted and the T.V.G.A. is invited to send a delegate to the next A.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting.

No delegate was sent that year but a $20 affiliation fee was paid.


5th June

The Seabrook Veteran Golfers group is formed. C. W. (Jock) Stratton is elected foundation President and Clem Herbert is elected Secretary.


21st August                                                                                                                                                                   Seabrook Golf Club President gets Board approval for Wynyard and Burnie Veteran Golfers to play in Seabrook competitions.

(Kevin Watkinson was the Seabrook President at the time).

At a T.V.G.A. Committee meeting, Joe French donates a cup, to be called the Summer Cup, for annual competition. (This is now the perpetual trophy for the T.V.G.U. Annual Championship).


13th November

Wynyard Veteran Golfers group formed. Jack Fleming was elected President.

Frank Matthews was elected Secretary. A motion was passed to combine with Seabrook.



14th April

The T.V.G.A. receives an application from the Huon Valley Veteran Golfers for affiliation to the T.V.G.A

The first Annual General Meeting of the Seabrook group held, with Wynyard members invited to discuss amalgamation.

Amalgamation was approved and the Seabrook/Wynyard Veteran Golfers group was born.

  1. M. (Marc) Crisp was elected President. Tom McKay was elected Vice President.

Frank Matthews was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

It was decided to play three competitions each month (two at Seabrook and one at Wynyard).

Competitions are now played weekly, fifty two weeks of the year; one week (Tuesday) at Wynyard and one week (Wednesday) at Seabrook.


8th October

Riverside forms a formal Veteran Golfers group but declines to affiliate with the A.V.G.A. or the T.V.G.A. until the concept is more widely received.

Jack Walmsley was elected President but on 4th February 1981 retired because of ill health. Jack Deeth succeeded him and remained as President for the next seven years.

Jack Kinnane, Reg McElwee, Tas Wise and Dick Doolan were members then and are still actively playing Veterans Golf!!


20th October

After unsuccessfully seeking advice from the A.V.G.A., the T.V.G.A. accepted the Huon Valley as an affiliate, upon the payment of a $10 fee.


21st October

Devonport and Seabrook/Wynyard Veteran Golfers groups apply directly for affiliation to the A.V.G.A.



First Riverside Shield played between Riverside and Launceston Veteran Golfers and was so successful it became an annual event.

Mowbray Veteran Golfers were later included in the event, which is now a triangular tournament.


5th March

A T.V.G.A. Committee Meeting questions why Devonport and Seabrook/Wynyard groups have affiliated directly with the A.V.G.A. and not the T.V.G.A.

A ruling is sought from the A.V.G.A.


13th April

A T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting receives advice from the A.V.G.A. of the proposed re‑organisation of the A.V.G.A. because of the affiliation of other States.

The T.V.G.A. responds to their invitation to send a Delegate to that special meeting, by electing Ian Murtagh, the T.V.G.A. President.

The above T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting authorises lan Murtagh to visit Devonport, Seabrook/Wynyard, and Launceston Veteran Golfers groups, to determine if they would affiliate with the T.V.G.A.



11th March

Ulverstone Veteran Golfers group formed.


15th April

T.V.G.A. Committee recommends the formation of a Statewide body.


22nd April

Ulverstone group hosts the first annual C. M. Johnston Memorial Tournament.

This was the first formal Veteran Golfers Tournament in Northern Tasmania and was attended by Veteran Golfers from Ulverstone, Devonport, Seabrook/Wynyard, Riverside and Launceston and invited retired golfers from Mowbray.


8th October

First full Council Meeting of the Australian Veteran Golfers Union held the Australian Golf Club, Sydney.

The A.V.G.U. was formed to take over the National administration of Veteran Golf in Australia from the A.V.G.A. The A.V.G.A. continued in existence principally. However, for use as a National figurehead to add prestige to the Qantas International Seniors Golf Tournament hosted by the Sydney Vets, T.V.G.A. President, lan Murtagh, was the T.V.G.A. Delegate at that historic meeting.

A recommendation of this A.V.G.U. meeting was that despite North/South rivalry in Tasmania, a Statewide body should be formed, with a Northern and Southern Asociation affiliated to that Statewide body.

On a date in 1982 (unrevealed by records), the North‑East Veteran Golfer group was formed, with members from Moorina, Ringarooma, Scottsdale, Bridport and St. Helens Golf Clubs. (In 1992, St. Helens members transferred to the East Coast group and in 1994, formed their own group).



17th February

The T.V.G.A. is formally advised that the A.V.G.U. is now the official governing body of Veterans Golf in Australia.

The T.V.G.A. received the new A.V.G.U. Constitution.

The T.V.G.A. received advice that North‑West groups were willing to affiliate to the T.V.G.A., but Northern groups were not.

The T.V.G.A. Delegate to the A.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting was instructed to bid for the 1984 A.V.G.U. National Championship.


7th April

The A.V.G.U. allocates the 1984 A.V.G.U. National Championship to the T.V.G.A.


11th April

At the T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting, it was proposed a draft Constitution be prepared for the anticipated formation of the Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union and that, if the T.V.G.U. is formed, the T.V.G.A. Constitution be changed to the T.V.G.A. ‑ Southern Group.

  1. Medlycott agreed to prepare the draft Constitutions.


4th July

At a special meeting of the T.V.G.A., the draft Constitution of the T.V.G.A. Southern Group was accepted.

Consultations were held with Northern and North‑West groups regarding~ the formation of the T.V.G.U. and adoption of the draft Constitution.


12th July

A special meeting of the T.V.G.A. appoints a Committee to organise and conduct the 1984 A.V.G.U. National Championship in Hobart on the Royal Hobart course from 14‑20 October, 1984.

Ian Murtagh was elected as the Championship Director. Other Committee (members were: Harry Newland, Ted Petterd, Kerry Nichols and Bill O’Dwyer).

At this meeting, arrangements were made with Northern and North‑West representatives to formally discuss formation of the T.V.G.U. and the affiliation of the Southern members and Northern groups to the T.V.G.U.

This meeting also invited Mr. W. A. Smith to be the Huon Valley group’s Delegate to T.V.G.A. meetings.

Finally, this meeting awarded Mr. B. J. B. Morris Life Membership of the T.V.G.A.


24th August

The first State-wide Veterans Golfers Tournament is held at Riverside Golf Course


25th August

The inaugural meeting of the Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union was held at the Riverside Golf Club. Those present were: Ralph Raward, Ian Murtagh, S.Medlycott, E Morrisby, J. French, J. Green, lan Ewing, Frank Matthews, J. Smith, G. Hortle, Bill O’Dwyer and Jack Deeth.

Under the Chairmanship of Jack Deeth, the T.V.G.U. came into being and the draft Constitution prepared by S.Medlycott, was adopted and all Veteran Golfer groups present were formally affiliated.

A levy of seventy five cents per member was set, to help the fledgling organisation with early administration expenses.

lan Murtagh was elected foundation President and Kerry Nichols was elected foundation Secretary.


5th September

The T.V.G.A. lends $100 to the T.V.G.U. to offset expenses until the levy imposed by the T.V.G.U. is collected.

The T.V.G.A. changes its title to the T.V.G.U.‑Southern Group.


9th September

A meeting of the North and North‑West groups was convened at the Woodrising (Devonport) Golf Course to form a Northern

Tasmanian Group. Present were: Launceston: Jim McKay; Riverside: Jack Deeth; Uiverstone: Don Taylor B. Hensby, N. Hays and

  1. Thompson; Seabrook/Wynyard: Marc Crisp, Les Brakey; Devonport: lan Ewing, L. Sinclair, K. Vertigan, R. Hurd, M. Brown and
  2. Billett. An apology was received from Frank Matthews (Seabrook/Wynyard)

The meeting was chaired by Jack Deeth and the T.V.G.U. Northern Group was born.

Jack Deeth was elected foundation President and Frank Matthews was elected, in his absence, but with his consent, as foundation Secretary. (Credit for the formation of the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group must go to Frank Matthews and Tom McKay of the Seabrook/Wynyard group). They went to Launceston to see Alan Halliwell, of the Launceston Veteran Golfers group (and then Secretary of the Launceston Golf Club) seeking his support in forming the Northern organisation. He was uninterested.

They then approached the enthusiastic Jack Deeth to set up the above meeting.


17th October

First Council Meeting of the T.V.G.U. held at the Tasmanian Golf Club.




At a special meeting of the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group, the President, Jack Deeth, thanked Marc Crisp of the Seabrook/Wynyard group for preparing a Constitution for the Northern group.

The Constitution was adopted at this meeting.


12th March

The T.V.G.U.‑ Southern Group Annual General Meeting introduced a By‑Law giving their Constitution provision for electing Honorary and Life Members.


28th March

First T.V.G.U, Annual General Meeting held. lan Murtagh and Kerry Nichols are re‑elected.


29th May

Inaugural T.V.G.U. Championship held at Riverside. The winner was recorded as B. Smith.


14‑20th October

The T.V.G.U. hosts the 1984 A.V.G.U. Championship at Royal Hobart. Although the field was a disappointing 96, it was considered a Golfing and Social success.

At the A.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting, held in conjunction with the Championship, lan Murtagh was elected A.V.G.U. President.

Deloraine (11 members), Mowbray (17), North‑East (59) and Longford (30) form Veteran Golfers Groups and affiliate with the T.V.G.U – Northern Group.

Unfortunately, the exact dates of affiliation are not known. However, the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group membership was now 473.



5th February

First Annual General Meeting of the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group is held. Jack Deeth and Frank Matthews are re‑elected.

At this meeting, Sheffield (8 members) and Greens Beach (19) were admitted as affiliates to the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group.

Total membership was now 509.


 12th February                                                                                                                                                                                        

T.V.G.U. Championship held at Woodrising, hosted by the Devonport Group. The winner was recorded as J. E. Matthews.

This was the first T.V.G.U. Championship played for the Joe French Cup. Previously, it had been a  separate event, played in Hobart.



4th February

Exeter (12 members) affiliated with the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group.


6th May

Port Sorell (7 members) affiliated with the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group.



 Sheffield withdraws from the T.V.G.U. Northern Group because of insufficient members. The actual date is unknown.



4th March

At the T.V.G.U.‑ Southern Groups Annual General Meeting, J. O’Halloran, who had been the auditor for the group since 1971, retired.

He was succeeded by Peter Read.

At the same meeting, J.White and S.Medlycott were awarded Life Membership of the T.V.G.U.‑ Southern Group


12th September

Shearwater (26 members) affiliates with the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group.


23rd November

At a Mowbray Tournament, Joe Sankey is presented with an inscribed memento by the T.V.G.U., for his support of Veterans Golf in Tasmania.



15th February

George Town (4 members) affiliated with the T.V.G.U.‑ Northern group.


16th February

At a T.V.G.U ‑ Southern group meeting, lan Murtagh and Len Murphy are awarded Life Membership


9th March

At the T.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting, it was recorded that lan Ewing (Devonport Group) had been presented with an engraved trophy, in recognition of his contribution to the formation and development of Veteran Golf in Tasmania.

At this meeting, it was also advised that Monty McDonald had donated two beautiful Blackwood Shields as perpetual trophies for a proposed T.V.G.U.‑ Northern Group Championship, commencing in 1990.

It was to be known as the F. B. (Frank) Matthews Memorial Shield, in recognition of the significant contribution Frank had made to Veterans Golf in Tasmania.

At this meeting, it was strongly recommended that both the Southern and Northern Groups affiliated to the T.V.G.U. change their title as follows: (a) The Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association. (b) The Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association. Both would still remain affiliated to the T.V.G.U. but would have their own identities and Constitutions.


17th July

The East Coast group (31 members) affiliates with the T.V.G.U.‑Northern Group.

In anticipation of title changes to the Southern and Northern Groups, and the subsequent need to mend their constitutions and the T.V.G.U. Constitution. Don Considine volunteered to amend and re‑type all three Constitutions, for distribution at their next respective Annual General Meetings.



19th January

At the Annual General Meeting of the T.V.G.U.‑Northern Group, their title was changed to read –“Northern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association”. At this meeting, a tribute to Frank Matthews was included in Mick Halley’s President’s report, following Frank’s death on 8th January, 1990.


8th February

At their Annual General Meeting the T.V.G.U. – Southern group authorised their title to be changed to read –“Southern Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Association”.

The first N.T.V.G.A. Championship (for the Frank Matthews Shield) was held at Seabrook. The winner was recorded as Trevor Quirk.


12th March

Peter Read is replaced as S.T.V.G.A. Auditor by Mike O’Keefe.


29th March

At the Annual General Meeting of the T.V.G.U., a decision was made to conduct a triangular “goodwill” tournament at the Launceston Country Club Casino Golf Course, with players deliberately drawn to mix the three regional areas of the State in a purely social atmosphere.

Also at this meeting, Don Considine produced amended copies of the three Constitutions which he had re‑typed and which Monty McDonald had photocopied, at no cost to any Veteran Golfer Organisation. The meeting thanked Mr. Considine and Mr. McDonald for the mammoth task which they had completed.

At this meeting, a request to form a North‑West Association was left to lie on the table. The meeting felt that a North‑West Association was not needed at present, as the N.T.V.G.A. adequately administered that area without any discrimination.


29th May

Smithton (8 members) affiliated with the N.T.V.G.A.


14th June

The S.T.V.G.A. decides that they will conduct an Annual S.T.V.G.A. Foursomes Championship, to be known as the Joe White Memorial Championship.


 5th October

The T.V.G.U. Council meeting addresses the possibility of someone compiling a history of Veterans Golf in Tasmania.


5th November

The first S.T.V.G.A. Foursomes Championship is held at the Tasmanian Golf Course.



 7th March

The T.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting makes provision in its Constitution for Life Membership to be bestowed (including posthumously).


18th March

Sheffield (7 members) re‑affiliates with the N.T.V.G.A.


12th September

The S.T.V.G.A. decides to take no action on the formation of a group in the Derwent Valley District.



The A.V.G.U. is restructured. Queensland re‑affiliates with the A.V.G.U. Bill McPherson is the T.V.G.U. Delegate to the A.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting.


28th November

Following a recommendation from the T.V.G.U. the S.T.V.G.A. alters its Constitution so that it can hold its Annual General Meeting prior to the T.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting. Geoff Howe is awarded Life Membership of the S.T.V.G.A.



5th March

The T.V.G.U. A.G.M. awards its first Life Membership to Jack Deeth (Riverside Group) for his contribution to formation and development of the T.V.G.U. and the N.T.V.G.A. The award was presented at the Launceston Golf Club on 30th March, 1992.


5th October

The A.V.G.U. Annual General Meeting selects the T.V.G.U. to host the 1995 A.V.G.U. Championships at Launceston from 12 ‑ 17th November, 1995.


29th October

An S.T.V.G.A. Committee meeting recommends Life Membership to Harry Newland. This was ratified at the 1993 A.G.M.



29th January

An S.T.V.G.A. meeting passes a motion allowing for the S.T.V.G.A. to be incorporated.


28th June

An S.T.V.G.A. special meeting passes formal motion to incorporate. Mike O’Keefe is thanked for his input.


29th July

A Certificate of Incorporation is granted to the S.T.V.G.A.


12th August

Penguin (12 members) affiliated with the N.T.V.G.A.


22nd October

T.V.G.U. Council Meeting names sub‑committee to run the 1995 A.V.G.U. Championship. Monty McDonald is elected as Director and Chairman.

Other members are: David Armitage (Secretary), Don Considine (Treasurer), NormGreen (Sponsor), Darrell Maney (Transport & Accommodation), Merv Bolch(Sponsorship) and Max Chivers (Southern Sponsorship and liaison with the S.T.V.G.A.).



14th January

St. Helens (20 members) affiliated with the N.T.V.G.A.


3rd March

Don Considine resigns from 1995 A.V.G.U. Championship Committee because of ill health. Les Wallace replaces him.

The T.V.G.U. grants Don Considine honorary membership so that he can finish his term as T.V.G.U. Secretary.


12th June

Burnie (18 members) affiliated with the N.T.V.G.A.


22nd October

The T.V.G.U. Council congratulates Monty McDonald upon his re‑election as Vice President of the A.V.G.U.



19th January

Claremont forms a Veteran Golfers Group and affiliates with the S.T.V.G.A.


20th January

At the N.T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting, Don Considine is awarded Life Membership for his contribution to the growth and administration of Veterans Golf in Northern Tasmania.


30th January

The S.T.V.G.A.  A.G.M. awards Ralph Raward Life Membership of the S.T.V.G.A.


9th March

The T.V.G.U. A.G.M. awards Don Considine Life Membership for his significant contribution to the development and administration of Veterans Golf in Tasmania.



N.T.V.G.A. hosted the Australian Veteran Golfers Union National Championship successfully directed by Monty  McDonald.



22nd January

N.T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting approved change of name from Smithton to Circular Head Veterans Golfers Group to incorporate Stanley Veterans Golfers Group.



9th to 15th November

N.T.V.G.A. hosted the Australian Veteran Golfers Unions National Championship. Tournament director Bruce Hallam and his hard working committee ran a very successful tournament with 408 male players and 136 female players. The Presentation Dinner was held at the Launceston International Hotel was well attended with 680 golfers and non playing partners.



7th February

The N.T.V.G.A. $3,000.00 surplus from the A.V.G.U National Championships was donated to The Red Cross Tsunami Appeal.




West Coast Veteran Golfers Group affiliates with the N.T.V.G.A.


At the N.T.V.G.A. Annual General Meeting, Bruce Hallam is awarded Life Membership for his contribution to the growth and administration of Veterans Golf in Northern Tasmania.


SECTION 3: Conditions of Membership to a Veteran Golfers Group

 A Veteran Golfer means a male person who has attained the age of fifty five years, is an amateur golfer and is a Life, Honorary or otherwise playing member of:

 (A).A Golf Club affiliated with the Australian Golf Union and

 (B).A Veterans Golfer Group or Association affiliated with the Tasmanian Veteran Golfers Union.

 He must be a financial member of his A.G.U. affiliated Golf Club and he must have a certified A.G.U. handicap.


Here is some war time history of golf in Britain.

You have to hand it to the Brits, when it comes to golf. And, you thought you were a tough weather golfer. This notice posted in war-torn Britain in 1940 for golfers with stiff upper lips.
You have to admit — these guys really had guts! German aircraft from Norway would fly on missions to northern England ; because of the icy weather conditions, the barrels of their guns had a small dab of wax to protect them. As they crossed the coast, they would clear their guns by firing a few rounds at the golf courses. Golfers were urged to take cover.